Resolution Together

Resolution Together Lawyers in Hastings, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells


Resolution has launched a new way of working for Family legal professionals called Resolution Together.  This allows lawyers to work with and advise couples jointly, where they are looking for an amicable separation and have already had some discussions around financial and children aspects, but wish to have some neutral advice around those discussions, including providing appropriate legal advice through a divorce or separation.

How is Resolution Together different to Mediation?

Mediators facilitate discussions between parties but are not able to provide legal advice.  Resolution Together lawyers can provide legal advice to both parties.

What are the benefits of Resolution Together?

Reducing/avoiding conflict – with a neutral lawyer advising both parties on the potential view of the Court, informed decisions can be made about what could work for them.

Cost effective – as advice is provided directly to the parties, it avoids delays with correspondence through lawyers.

Time efficient – with a neutral lawyer acting for both parties and providing relevant legal advice, discussion and agreement directly between the parties is more likely within shorter timescales.

Is it legally binding?

Elaine Parkes Solicitor can prepare a legal document, following agreement, and will then advise on the next steps, such as filing paperwork at the court by consent (agreement).

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