Divorce, Civil Partnership Dissolution and Separation

Professional Divorce Solicitors in Hastings, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells

When a relationship comes to an end, the process of separating can be stressful and emotional. Dividing assets, potentially moving home, and deciding on shared childcare arrangements is difficult at best, and can put a considerable amount of strain on your health.

Elaine Parkes Solicitors provide professional divorce and separation representation for clients across East Sussex and Kent, from our offices in key locations in Brighton, Hastings and Tunbridge Wells

Our aim is to help you work through the separation process in as streamlined a way as possible, with expert advice on your rights and obligations to help you make sound, informed decisions about the right outcomes for your family.

While divorce itself can be a challenging experience, your financial matters should always be resolved with a calm oversight of the future, and so protecting your best interests is vital, whatever issues you are negotiating.

Drawing on our years of experience in the field, our solicitors are on your side to ensure proceedings are completed as amicably and quickly as possible.

Legal Representation in Divorce or Separation Proceedings

We are proud to have an unrivalled reputation for providing realistic advice, helping our clients understand their options.

We assist with every aspect of a divorce, including:

  • Childcare matters
  • Finances
  • Property negotiations
  • Shared business interests

Many of our clients feel daunted at the prospect of navigating the legalities of divorce proceedings, and so our role is to support you at each stage, with a steady hand to guide you through the processes.

Our family team are specialists in financial dispute resolutions, with outstanding negotiation skills. This allows us to secure positive outcomes and offer alternatives to potentially costly and time-consuming court proceedings. Services include mediation and arbitration to help you reach a fair outcome for both parties.

Support with Separation Cases in East Sussex and Kent

In some cases, you might be working through a separation, but not wish to divorce for social or religious reasons. Your choices are personal to you, and our teams have experience working with a wide range of clients, always offering respect and sensitivity to your circumstances.

Elaine Parkes Solicitors can provide professional support in these situations, allowing you to proceed with a judicial separation to enable all parties involved to move on successfully.

We can offer expertise with all elements of a separation or divorce, including:

  • Divorce proceedings or judicial separations.
  • Financial settlements.
  • Periodical payments and lump sum contributions.
  • Pension sharing agreements.
  • Transfer of property ownership rights.
  • Orders for the sale of a jointly owned property.
  • Formal separation agreements.

Even in separations that remain amicable, it is essential to have any negotiations or arrangements made properly documented, formalised and notarised. None of us can predict what may happen in the future, and so this is vital to safeguard your assets and protect your interests going forward.

The Elaine Parkes teams also have experience in helping you manage more contentious separations, and can advise on the best steps to mitigate any hostilities and deliver solutions with parity in a cost-effective way.

If you would like confidential advice from a local solicitor about your divorce or separation, get in touch with the Elaine Parkes Solicitors team on 01424 883183.

For confidential, friendly advice about divorce and separation, call Elaine Parkes Solicitors on 01424 883183