Outstanding family law expertise from your local firm in East Sussex and Kent.

Our team at Elaine Parkes Solicitors is here for you, and your family, offering exceptional support with every aspect of family law. We have legal teams on hand to help with property, wills, probate, workplace law and the full spectrum of family legal matters.

Working with us gives you access to dedicated personal assistance, with our aim being to work with you long-term and provide the full weight of our support wherever, and whenever, you need us most.

Our Story

Family legal matters can be complex and difficult. For many of our clients, experiencing divorce or negotiating childcare arrangements is emotionally challenging and can drain your mental resources while trying to keep everybody’s best interests at heart.

As solicitors, and people, we appreciate how tough it can be to navigate the minefield of legal issues, and make it our role to provide professional support, a listening ear, and an exemplary service where we work diligently to secure you a positive outcome.

From our offices in Brighton, Hastings and Tunbridge Wells, we ensure that you understand all the options, how the legal processes work, and help you work through decisions armed with all the knowledge you need.

Being your solicitor does not only mean that we can represent you and negotiate fair resolutions to any challenges you are facing. It also allows us to provide sensitive assistance, efficient support from a friendly team, and advice about the best courses of action that we feel are advisable.

Working with Elaine Parkes Solicitors is a breath of fresh air when dealing with legal matters that can be exceptionally tough to manage by yourself. Don’t feel that you need to go it alone, and get in touch for a chat about what support we can provide.

If you need a lawyer in Hastings, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells or would like a professional opinion about any legal matter, give us a call on 01424 883183 or drop us a message to arrange a good time to talk.

Hastings, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells Family Law Specialists

Every member of the Elaine Parkes Solicitors team is highly valued for their professional skills, personal qualities, and care and attention for every client.

This same ethos applies to every person we work with. We consult thoroughly on every case to understand the outcomes you aspire to and gain a comprehensive insight into your circumstances.

By understanding you and your family, we are in the best possible position to offer our professional legal support across East Sussex and Kent, work with you to explore the options, and decide on a strategy that caters to your needs.

We have a legal funding contract, can advise on Legal Aid and whether you are eligible, and offer a blended service where you require legal advice in more than one area.

Our family law team is registered with Resolution, and we follow the Resolution Code of Practice. This means that we are committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way, encouraging agreements, and respecting the dignity of every party involved.

Elaine Parkes Solicitors is also Law Society Accredited with the Legal Practice Quality Mark and registered and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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