Protection from Domestic Violence and Abuse 

Domestic Abuse Legal Support in East Sussex and Kent

Any form of domestic violence, or abuse, can cause a tremendous amount of trauma, and so seeking professional assistance at the first possible opportunity is critical.

Should you have experienced this kind of abuse or be experiencing harm, the first step is to contact the police immediately.

Your safety and well-being are paramount, so we would strongly advise you to report abuse to the authorities as soon as you can.

In many cases, domestic abuse does not take the form of violence. The Elaine Parkes teams have provided legal support to many clients who had been hesitant to ask for the help they needed.

It does not matter whether abuse is physical, emotional, coercive, psychological or otherwise, or whether abuse has happened once, many times, or in the past. Behaviour that has caused you harm must be stopped, and actions taken to protect your future safety.

The law is here to support you, take steps to safeguard you from your abuser, and initiate appropriate responses as required for the applicable breach of the law. Our compassionate teams can steer you through the process, one step at a time.

Family Legal Advice in Domestic Abuse Situations

Whatever your circumstances may be, Elaine Parkes Solicitors are on hand to assist you. We acknowledge that suffering from abuse can have a profound impact on your life, and we will offer the full extent of our legal skill to achieve the right outcomes for you.

If you have experienced domestic abuse or the threat of such abuse, then there are many options available to prevent this from recurring, and look after the needs of you, your family, and your children.

You may also be eligible for Legal Aid, which prioritises cases involving domestic abuse. If you are unsure whether you qualify for financial support, do get in touch and we can advise on this, confidentially and sensitively.

Our services are available across East Sussex, and working from our hubs in Brighton and Hastings, our teams of solicitors can offer assistance with:

  • Court applications.
  • Injunctions to protect you or your children from harm.
  • Occupation Orders to safeguard your home.

We are always available to discuss your situation privately, so if you would like some advice about what options are available, or need representation to immediately action a court order to protect your safety, please give us a call.

Legal Action Available in Domestic Abuse Cases

For many victims of domestic abuse, taking legal action can seem like an uphill battle. However, we would urge you to seek out guidance from our local teams before reaching any decisions.

Should you have suffered from abuse and manipulation, you might feel that your legal options are limited, or that the costs of taking legal action would be prohibitive. Still, there is a wide range of support available, including the possibility of Legal Aid to assist you financially.

The court systems also offer protections for domestic abuse victims, including giving statements via video link and being shielded from any direct contact with an abuser.

It is vital to have formal orders in place where you need to be safeguarded from further contact or damaging situations. As your legal representative, the Elaine Parkes teams will give you reassurance and expert support at every stage of the proceedings to help you move on with confidence.

Contact our teams for more information about the legal assistance available in domestic abuse situations on 01424 883183.

For confidential, friendly advice about protection from domestic violence and abuse, call Elaine Parkes Solicitors on 01424 883183