Family, Workplace and Civil Mediators in Hastings, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells


We receive numerous enquiries where a party is interested in mediation.  Mediation is a voluntary and confidential platform where a mediator can facilitate discussions to help both parties reach a decision that is fair and equitable. We are able to mediate all issues, including financial and childcare, in a completely impartial manner.

How is Mediation different to a Resolution Together process where a Lawyer acts for both parties

The role of a Mediator is not to advise either party but too assist in a neutral environment, with the hope that the parties are able to agree and to avoid potential court proceedings. In the event that the parties would prefer, prior to an agreement to mediate being signed, for her to act as a lawyer for one or both parties, she is able to do so.


What are the benefits?

Reducing/avoiding conflict – With an impartial person facilitating discussions to assist you in making decisions, court proceedings can often be avoided. This gives you far greater control over your situation, rather than a judge making the decision for you.

Cost effective – Mediation is a much quicker process than court proceedings and also reduces the need for delays with correspondence through lawyers. You are still able to seek independent legal advice during the mediation process.

Time efficient – The Courts are presently experiencing significant delays in issuing cases. While mediation may take place over several weeks or months, this is still significantly faster than the court process.


Is it legally binding?

If an agreement is reached, Kristy can draw up a parenting plan or memorandum of understanding. It would then be open to the parties to have that converted into a legally binding agreement.


About the mediator

Kristy has been acting for clients since 1993. She has represented clients with and without barristers during that time and has been a full member of Resolution for over 25 years. She has had specific training to see parties together by virtue of her Mediation training and is working towards accreditation in family mediation. She has undertaken the Resolution Together training course to advise both parties together. Kristy qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive over 20 years ago and, at the time of admission, was the only Chartered Legal Executive holding CILEx Litigator & Advocate status in both family and civil proceedings. She has held extended rights of audience through the court since 2008. Kristy is also an accredited civil & commercial mediator and accredited workplace mediator with a particular interest in business and pension arrangements. She is also a Fellow of the Chartered Managers’ Institute.


What are my options?

There are now three different ways we can help you:
1. Mediation
2. Resolution Together
3. The traditional route of acting for one party as their own lawyer.


If I choose you mediate for us, what will the next steps be?

A meeting would be set up with each of you initially without the other person present. Further information would be given regarding the mediation approach and other options which may be available. If it was considered that mediation was suitable, a joint meeting would be arranged.


What are the costs?

The cost of each individual meeting is £280 plus VAT. There is a fee of £350 per hour thereafter.


If you would like to find out more about Mediation, get in touch with the Elaine Parkes Solicitors team on 01424 883183.

For confidential information about Mediation, call Elaine Parkes Solicitors on 01424 883183