Children Matters and Care Proceedings

Legal Advice for Children Matters and Care

When it comes to our children, circumstances such as divorce, care arrangements, or separation can be tough for all family members.

As professional solicitors, the Elaine Parkes teams in East Sussex and Kent are on hand to help parents and families make the right arrangements, with the best interests of your children always the top priority.

It is essential for every party to seek independent advice about their legal rights and responsibilities and have representation to make your voice and wishes heard and explore your children’s needs.

With years of experience in a wide range of children matters, our compassionate teams are here to help you make arrangements to ensure a happy, stable and supported future, whatever circumstances you may be dealing with.

Professional Guidance Through Care Proceedings and Social Services

In some cases, you might be working through care proceedings. These are actioned by the Local Authority and usually pass through the court system. Examples might include an application on behalf of a child for a Care Order, or Supervision Order.

This situation can be incredibly challenging for any parent, and it is crucial to have dedicated legal representation to steer you through the options available.

Our teams work with all family members, including parents, children, guardians, grandparents and other extended family members who have an interest in the welfare of the children concerned.

We appreciate that such a scenario is often highly emotional, and can be traumatic, and so approach each case with sensitivity, care and expertise to help you understand what is happening, and what steps you can take.

Some such cases are eligible for Legal Aid to support you with the financial costs of care proceedings – Elaine Parkes Solicitors have a wealth of experience in this area and can provide confidential advice about whether you can access this assistance.

Family Support with Children Matters in East Sussex and Kent

It is vital that you seek independent, professional advice if you have concerns about any children matters or care proceedings.

We can assist in any circumstances and advise you to get in touch straight away with your nearest team, with our offices available in Hastings, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells.

Scenarios where immediate action may be required include:

  • Social Services matters
  • Child Protection cases
  • Care Proceedings
  • Adoption scenarios

Our children law solicitors specialise in this area of family law, and are accredited Resolution specialists as well as being represented on the Law Society’s Children Panel, and so offer local assistance with the benefit of extensive skill.

Elaine Parkes supports families throughout East Sussex in resolving cases as quickly, amicably and positively as possible, including:

  • Representing children, guardians, parents, grandparents and foster parents in all children matters.
  • Cases involving Residence or Contact Orders
  • Advice on specific issues, or Prohibited Steps Orders.
  • Special Guardianship Cases.
  • Adoptions or childcare Placements.
  • Public law scenarios, such as Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs), Care Orders and Supervision Orders.
  • Permissions to take a child outside of a granted jurisdiction.
  • Changes of name for children.

Contact our teams directly if you require any legal guidance around children or care matters on 01424 883183.

For confidential, friendly advice about legal children matters, call Elaine Parkes Solicitors on 01424 883183