Family Law in Brighton

We are an accomplished family law team specialising in every aspect of family law, whether you are dealing with finances related to a relationship breakdown, family law advice, divorce, separation, child child arrangements negotiations or other family law matters.

Each Elaine Parkes Solicitors family law specialist can provide dedicated, compassionate professional legal advice to help you to reach a successful conclusion to your matter.

Specialised Family Law Solicitors in Brighton

A relationship breakdown or divorce can be stressful and highly emotional, with many considerations, including negotiating property ownership, distributing marital assets, and deciding on the right arrangements for the children in your family.

As your specialist family law professionals, our job is to provide the best advice at each step, helping you negotiate the most emotive and challenging circumstances surrounding your family matters. We also represent and advise clients managing a relationship breakdown following domestic violence issues and can provide invaluable assistance in securing help and legal protections where necessary.

The expertise of our family law solicitors will ensure your rights, assets and interests are protected, with a thorough consultation at our local Brighton offices to understand your priorities and the details of your desired outcomes before we provide any advice.

Our Brighton Family Law Services

Elaine Parkes Solicitors operates across southeast England, in Brighton Hastings and Tunbridge Wells as a regulated firm registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our specialist family law team manage a broad range of family law issues, including complex divorce processes, sensitive situations relating to children and care proceedings, and those focused on finances, such as a relationship separation involving trusts and international estates.

The right service for your family law matter will depend on the involvement of all relevant parties and the impact of the outcomes on your lives.

Whether you wish to respond to a divorce petition, find a new family law solicitor to represent you in an ongoing legal process, or arrange a mediation appointment, the first step is to get in touch to discuss how we can help you resolve your family dispute.

Expert Family Law Specialists With Child Care and Parental Responsibility Cases

Any case of family law where there are children involved can present complex and contentious issues, and requires extremely professional advice, particularly if you are dealing with care proceedings, parental responsibility, or how to agree child arrangements between parents once a relationship has broken down.

The appropriate options will vary, but our experienced legal team can provide advice on the most suitable collaborative process, whether representing you in family court, instigating formal negotiations, or drawing up legally binding documentation to help you turn to the next page in your life with confidence.

Our family lawyers in Brighton deliver skilled family law guidance, legal advice, and confidential support to help you tackle any family issues that may arise.

Please get in touch if you require legal services from a specialist family law firm, and we will help you navigate the journey ahead with you, resolving matters one step at a time.

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